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Invited talks and conference presentations

Invited talks:

Reiterer, Susanne (2013) “Sprachbegabung im Lichte der Kognitiven Neurowissenschaften”. Invited Keynote Lecture at the Pädagogische Hochschule Kärnten, final award ceremony of the academic training course “German as Second Language”, 28.10.2013, Klagenfurt, Kärnten, Austria.

Reiterer Susanne (2013) “Speech imitation / pronounciation talent: from brain imaging to behaviour”. Invited talk at the GRAL Seminar on individual differences in second language acquisition, 23-24.05.2013, University of Barcelona, SPAIN.

Reiterer Susanne Maria (2012) “L2 acquisition and individual differences in aptitude: comparing psycho-cognitive aspects of early and late stage phonetic language learning”. Invited talk at the Linguistics Department of the University of Innsbruck, 23.10.2012, Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.

Reiterer Susanne Maria (2012) “Mezzofanti’s secret. A large-scale investigation into second language pronunciaton aptitude in the light of neuroimaging and psychology”; invited Keynote Lecture at the annual Middle European Cognitive Science Conference (MeiCogsci), held at the Comenius University of Bratislava, 22.06.2012, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

Reiterer Susanne Maria (2011) “Second language aptitude in the light of neuroimaging and psychology”; Invited talk at the Institute for Theoretical Linguistics and Computational Linguistics at the Ruhr University of Bochum, 17.11.2011, Bochum, GERMANY.

Reiterer Susanne Maria (2011) “Language aptitude for sound imitation from a neuroscientific view: Cerebral correlates of individual differences in L2 speech imitation ability”; Invited talk, delivered at the ISB 8 (International Symposium on Bilingualism), colloquium “Neurological Bases for Individual Differences in Second-Language Learning Abilities”, chaired by Loraine K Obler, 15.06.2011, Oslo, NORWAY.

Reiterer Susanne Maria (2010) “A talent for accent imitation in a foreign language: neuroimaging and psycholinguistic perspectives”; Invited talk (delivered in Italian language) at the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Technologies (ITAB), Gabriele D’Annunzio University of Chieti & Pescara, 15.04.2010, Chieti-Pescara, ITALY.

Reiterer Susanne (2009) “Multilingualism versus language ability – neurocognitive similarities between the native tongue and foreign languages”, Invited talk at the National Brain Research Centre (NBRC), 27.8.2009, Manesar, Haryana, INDIA.

Reiterer Susanne (2009) “What are you “sinking” about? Foreign Language Learning Ability seen from a cognitive-psychological and neurofunctional perspective”; Invited talk at the 14th International Congress of Teachers of German, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena and Weimar, 04.08.2009, Jena, GERMANY.

Reiterer Susanne (2009) “Language Talent and the Brain”. Invited talk at the University of Tübingen, Factulty of Philosophy, English Linguistics Department. 21.07.2009, Tübingen, GERMANY

Reiterer Susanne (2009) “Introducing a large scale study about phonetic foreign language learning ability: a neuroimaging and psycholinguistic approach”. Invited talk at the Comenius University Bratislava, Faculty for Mathematics, Physics and Informatics. 28.01.2009, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

Reiterer Susanne (2009) “The multilingual and second language talented brain – preliminary results of a large-scale interdisciplinary study”. Invited talk at the University of Vienna, Department of English Studies and Linguistics, 26.01.2009, Vienna, AUSTRIA.

Reiterer Susanne (2006) “Factors that matter in L2 Acquisition/ Bilingualism, seen from a neuro-imaging perspective”. Invited talk held in Paris at the international Conference of “First and Second Language Acquisition”, Paris 23-26 Jan 2006, organized by Michel Fayol, Maya Hickmann & Michele Kail, (université de Paris5), Paris, FRANCE.

Reiterer Susanne (2004) “Bilingualism and the Brain: EEG Coherence Measures and Language Training Effects on the Prefrontal Cortex”. Invited talk held at the Dep. of Humanities, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Comenius University Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

Reiterer Susanne (2004) “Differences between high and low proficiency speakers of English as a second language and EEG activity: a Coherence Analysis of 6 different frequency bands”. Invited talk held at the Institute for Medical Statistics, Computer Sciences and Documentation, Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, GERMANY.

Reiterer Susanne (2003) “An Introduction to the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language and Foreign Language Brain Processing: Can EEG oscillations predict good language learners?“ – Invited talk at the Faculty of Mathematics, Comenius University of Bratislava, SLOVAKIA.

Further talks:

Conference Presentations (talks):

Reiterer Susanne* Hu Xiaochen. (2012) “Speech imitation/pronunciation talent in initial-and late-stage L2: from brain imaging to behaviour”. Oral presentation at the Eighth International Conference on Third Language Acquisition and Multilingualism, at the Universitat Jaume I of Castelló, 13.09.2012, Castelló, SPAIN.

Reiterer S*, Hu X, Winkler S, Ackermann H. (2010) “Language aptitude for sound imitation neurologically revisited: Cerebral correlates of individual differences in L2 speech imitation ability” at the 20th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 2010), 02.09.2010, Reggio Emilia, ITALY.

Maier, J* and Reiterer, S*. (2010) “Vowel Duration differences in first versus second language“, talk (together with Jens Maier) at the linguistic SFB workshop “Focus, Contrast andGivenness in I nteraction with Extraction and Deletion”, Max Planck Institute & University of Tübingen (Centre for Linguistics 833), 27.03.2010, Tübingen, GERMANY.

Reiterer, S*; Hu, X; Erb M; Jilka M; Grodd W; Ackermann H. (2009) “Individual differences in speech imitation talent, cortical efficiency, and the mirror neuron system: evidence from fMRI“, conference talk at the international Neurobilingualism Conference, at ESRC Centre for Bilingualism Research of the University of Bangor, 20.09.2009, Wales, U.K.

Reiterer, S*; Hu X; Grodd W; Ackermann H. (2008). Psycholinguistic aspects of second language pronunciation talent. Conference talk at “14th Workshop on MRI and MRS studies in Tübingen, Vienna and Prague”, Clinical Institute of Experimental Medicine, Charles University of Prague, 07.06.2008, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC.

Reiterer, S. (2006). “Auditory cognition in the human cerebellum: fMRI evidence from discriminations in sound timbre”, Conference talk held at the 23rd ESMRMB Meeting (European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology), September 2006, Warsaw, POLAND.

Reiterer, S. (2006). “Brain Lateralization and Speech/Language Functions”, Lab talk held at the University of Kansas, Insitute of Linguistics, February 2006, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Reiterer, S. (2006). “What EEG synchronization can tell us about individual differences in second language learning”, Conference talk held at the international conference “The Architecture of Language: from cognitive modelling to Brain Mapping and back”. June 2006, University of Pisa, PISA, ITALY.

Reiterer, S. (2006). “What electric brain activity networks in different EEG frequency ranges reveal about differences in second language proficiency”, Conference talk held at the 18th international conference on foreign and second language acquisition, May 2006, at the Silesia University of Katowice, POLAND.

Reiterer, S. (2000). “The bilingual brain under different circumstances: Differences between trained and untrained second language learners: An EEG Coherence Analysis”. Conference talk at 28th Annual Meeting of the Austrian Linguistics Association“, Graz, organized by Institute of Linguistics, University of Graz, AUSTRIA.

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